TLSMD: Examples

Below are a number of proteins with well known conformational changes. Most of these structures have been solved in multiple conformations which were used to generate conformational change morphs by the good people at the Database of Macromolecular Movements, referred to below as MoveDB. We have run some of these structures through TLSMD to compare the TLSMD predicted flexibility with the conformational change morphs from this database. Links to the TLSMD analysis and MoveDB morphs of these structures are listed below.

HIV Protease

Orotidine Monophosphate Decarboxylase

Biotin Carboxylase: Domain Motion, Hinge

DNA Beta-Glucosyltransferase: Domain Motion, Hinge

Cell Adhesion Molecule CD2: Domain Motion, Hinge (Easy Case!)

Cyanovirin-N: Domain Motion, Hinge

GroEL: Complex Motion

Citrate Synthase: Domain Motion, Shear (Shear is harder than Hinge)

Arabinose, Leucine, and Galactose Binding Proteins: Suspected Domain Motion, Hinge

Carbonic Anhydrase

Yeast and Leishmania Major Oxygen-Dependent Coproporphyrinogen Oxidase

Last Modified: 29 March 2010